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As a business in a high-tech market, finding employees that have advanced skills and outstanding potential for success is paramount. Ohio Third Frontier recognizes this need for Ohio high-tech businesses and is partnering with the Ohio Army National Guard to ensure businesses and ROTC Cadets get connected for valuable internship opportunities that benefit all involved. DTT
More than 4,000 high-tech interns placed in Ohio businesses so far... and the number grows daily!

The goal of the Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program is to develop a pool of talented workers for Ohio's businesses, create enriching student work experiences and assist students in obtaining permanent full-time employment in Ohio after graduation. This dynamic, focused program positions Ohio to develop and retain technologies in the state that require educated and skilled workers.


More than 800 Ohio high-tech and advanced manufacturing employers have participated in the program!


The Ohio Third Frontier Commission approves funding from the state's Third Frontier Research and Development Fund to support the Third Frontier Internship Program. The Ohio Development Services Agency's Business Services Division is administering this initiative.

Certification of Funds Available. None of the rights, duties, and obligations described in the Third Frontier Internship Program Agreements shall be binding upon any party until all statutory provisions on the Ohio Revised Code, including but not limited to section 126.07, have been complied with, and until such time as all necessary funds have been actually made available and forthcoming from the appropriate state agencies.
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